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Do frameless shower doors leak?

Do Frameless Shower Doors Leak? Whether you are updating an existing bathroom or creating a new shower space, a frameless shower enclosure offers the ultimate in style and appeal – in fact, many designers and decorators feel it is an absolute must for any bathroom renovation. But what about function? Does a frameless shower door […]


Frameless Shower And Tub Enclosures

Elegant Antique Mirror Bar

Latest Trends in Antique Mirror Glass are Making a Huge Splash   Every trend comes back around. Just this year, we’ve seen fashion trends from platform shoes to velvet tracksuits make an interesting comeback. One of the most recent trends we’ve seen in home and glass design is the return of the antique mirror. Vintage […]

Preparing for Holiday Guests

A glass shower screen can completely rehab the look of your guest bath There’s nothing like the holidays for bringing families together and spending time with loved ones. Often, that means overnight guests for your home. But, if you’re not exactly thrilled with the sight of your guest bathroom, that thought might make you a […]

Do shower doors add value to your home?

Do Shower Doors Add Value to Your Home?   Whether you are selling your home or even thinking of selling your home, your ultimate goal is to increase any and all facets that increase the value of your property. One of the most efficient and worthy methods of doing so comes through evaluating your bathroom […]

Increasing the Value of Your Home

Increasing the Value of Your Home Although interest rates are rising, the Atlanta housing situation is still very much a seller’s market. If you intend to put your home up for sale – or thinking about it – it’s time to consider how you can stand out and increase the value of your home. With […]

Are Glass Shower Doors Hard to Keep Clean?

Are Glass Shower Doors Hard to Keep Clean? Are Glass Shower Doors Hard to Keep Clean? The short answer is: It depends. There are several important factors to consider when determining the ease of which they maintain their cleanliness including: The source of the water The design of the shower space and surfaces The design […]

What is the best shower door?

What is the best shower door?   How many times have you seen a bathroom shower design and thought, “wow!” Perhaps you’ve visited a spa or plush hotel, or even been to a friend’s house and been knocked out by the clean lines and imaginative use of space. And now that you are constructing a […]

What’s Trending in Glass Today?

What’s Trending in Glass Today? At Drexler, we love following existing glass trends as well as forging our own. Over the course of our company history, we have carefully monitored the industry to ensure we remain at the forefront of design and technology. In fact, in 1984 we were among the first U.S. companies to […]

Aging in Place

  Aging in Place If you are planning to renovate or create a new bathroom in your home, know that you don’t have to give up beauty for safety. When envisioning your dream bathroom, think about what your needs may be in fifteen years. If you plan for both beauty and function, you will have […]