Our Story

To Beautify Built Environments

Glass was first introduced as a valuable, viable building material at the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations in 1851. Joseph Paxton’s design of The Crystal Palace presented stunning architectural aesthetic and function using sheet glass – inspiring wide-spread public usage residentially and commercially.

We too are inspired by this material and its ability to harness light and temperature, it’s ability to reflect and magnify. We believe our work ultimately adds to the enjoyment of any space we help to create.

Bathroom mirror above sink with gold accents and a glass door.
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Glass from the Get Go

In 1953, Cecil J. Drexler designed a premium line of aluminum shower and tub enclosures, setting a new quality standard in the shower door industry. Originally marketed and sold through Sears, these shower doors were heavier and more substantial than anything on the market, with larger rollers and reinforced hinges, all at affordable prices.

Through word of mouth, the demand for Drexler’s finely crafted and virtually “indestructible” doors grew.
During the decades that followed, Cecil expanded product lines and continued to cultivate our company’s reputation for excellent service. We eventually became the “go-to” glass supplier for many of the most prestigious builders and architects in Atlanta, where the Drexler name was synonymous with taking care of customers, providing quality products, and exceeding expectations for value.

As the popularity of framed doors begin to decline in the early 80’s, Joe Drexler, Cecil’s son, began to experiment with a virtually unknown frameless shower technology from Europe. In 1984, we installed our first frameless shower door. Today, Drexler Glass is at the forefront of frameless shower door technology, offering more hardware and glass varieties and options than anyone in the industry. Our shower doors and glass applications can be found in the smallest bungalows and the largest estates and hotels.

Drexler Glass remains committed to the tradition of family-owned excellence. The company’s long-term relationships with remodelers, architects and designers builds trust, giving them the ability to partner on award-winning glass projects throughout the Southeast. Their helpful and knowledgeable team continues to guide Atlanta homeowners from the earliest planning stages of their projects, to the final result – your satisfaction!

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