Cabinet Glass, Back-painted Glass, & Patterned Glass for Commercial Projects

black glass table toper

A splash of color – and style

Office and retail spaces can be transformed with the right glass. Cabinet, backpainted and patterned glass can do wonders for any space, instantly imparting a sense of modern sophistication. Architects and designers are using glass more and more to open up commercial spaces, and our products fit these needs to a “T”.

Find the right fit

Drexler Glass knows exactly how to meet your needs. Thanks to our understanding of what the right colors and designs can provide – as well as our experience and service – we can help you add the perfect pop of color or texture to your space.


Backpainted glass is a  great option for feature walls. It is durable and functional and can even be used as an easy to clean writing surface, or idea board. And at Drexler, we use only low-iron glass for backpainting, for a perfect color match.

Glass backsplash in a kitchen

We work with all types of glass to produce awe-inspiring patterns that leave a lasting impression on employees, colleagues and customers alike. And because we have almost 70 years of experience in the industry, we understand the strains that come with construction and installation deadlines and know how important your bottom line is, which is why we always strive to not only produce the best quality products but to do so with your budget and timeline foremost on our mind.


Contact us today, and let us show you just what a difference the right glass in the right place can make for any setting.