Custom Mirrors & Antiqued Mirrors

custom mirror job in a home kitchen
Elegant Antique Mirror Bar
double sink bathroom with glass backsplash and two mirrors. This has a clean and simple look.
Seamless mirror in a bathroom
Mirrors lining the wall of a room
modern bathroom with mirrors and a glass shower door.

A reflection of one's best self

Light, scale, balance – these are just a few of the key components that must come together to create a successful interior design. And mirrors, depending on how they are used, can enhance or detract from good designs. Our designers have the experience to help you understand how to use mirrors, and more importantly, how not to. We can recommend sizes that work for your space. Would a frame or a bevel look better than a plain mirror? Let our experience be the guide. Remember, when you choose Drexler Glass Co., you choose more than a glass shop.

Dark or bright

Whether a modern workout room or a dark, cosy nook, we’ve got you covered. Mirrors can play a key role in virtually any room – if done right – by adding an extra element of light and perceived space. Decorative mirrors can be incorporated into your interior design plans to make smaller rooms actually feel larger and more open. And vintage decorative mirrors provide a sense of old-world elegance or as a counterpoint to more modern styles.

A unique finish every time

We stock factory antique mirrors and also create our own distressed mirror to meet every need. We can cut squares or diamond tiles for a dramatic repetitive effect. We offer antiqued mirrors with subtle distressed finishes to others with a bold, artistic flair. Do you have your own vintage frame? Bring it in for us to make into a mirror. We can also distress individual mirrors to match existing pieces if you have an antiqued mirror you want to match, or we can create something entirely new and unique to match your aesthetic. Choose from a variety of antiqued mirror finishes, rosettes, or have our in-house design experts craft the perfect accent piece for you. Additionally, we can apply antique mirror panels to furniture, including antique nightstands, vintage dressers, wardrobes, and chairs.

dark mirror in bathroom

Antique Mirror Patterns

square by square comparison of different types of antique mirror

With a variety of options, we can certainly accommodate orders for standard mirrors with typical dimensions, but we can also create custom mirrors and glass designs for any idea you may have. We have experience in oversized bathroom and vanity mirrors, floor to ceiling exercise and gym mirrors, full-length dressing and fitting room mirrors, sliding or bi-folded mirror closet doors, or even transparent tv / display monitor concealing mirrors.

We are happy to talk with you or your decorator about your mirror ideas and needs and show you just what we can do. Get in touch with us to get started today. Drexler is the only glass company that understands the perfect fit for your project!

Drexler Glass Co. also offers custom and antique mirrors for commercial applications as well.

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