Some Things We Think You Might Want to Know

Easy as 1-2-3

Glass is our expertise, so it shouldn’t have to be yours. We work hard to make our projects easy and turn key for our customers.

How we measure up

We take a people-first approach to our business. We are always happy to hear positive reviews of our services and proud to hold high marks on home construction review platforms like Houzz and Angie’s List.

Tips of the Trade

We hear a lot about the pain-points our customers have with DIY bathroom remodels or new home construction projects. Our how-to guides recommend best practices for building a shower and quick tips on cleaning your shower glass so it stays looking new.

Geeking Out On Glass

For most people, glass can be an afterthought. But not for us. We’ve been think about this stuff for generations. This little repository is a place for the most interesting stories we’ve collected along the way.

Education for You

How do you know when it’s appropriate to use frameless glass? Or, what is a frameless glass shower door? Our blog is all about educating our customers and answering those critical questions you ask Siri or Google when discussing your remodeling project.

Some of our Work

From revitalizing Atlanta’s neighborhoods to working with award-winning designers, we enjoy helping our clients craft the perfect fit for their projects. Honestly – every project is our favorite. It’s hard to choose. So, these featured projects represent just some of the glass installations that we’ve been part of over the past few years.

We Have Answers

In the nearly 70 years we’ve been in business, customers have asked a lot of questions. We’ve collected some of the most asked and relevant questions and placed them here to help you with your next glass project.

A Crafted Finish

Many times customers ask if we have samples of what their final project may look like. Our photo gallery hosts some of our favorite images from projects over time and also contains some of the best photos from our company’s history.

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Did you hear about the family with a glass elevator?
They were clearly moving up in the world.