Aluminum Framed Shower Doors

Single panel glass for a small shower space.

Traditional designs with cleaner lines

Just because your needs are more traditional – or you seek a product that has been in common use for some time – does not mean that you cannot receive an eye-catching creation that makes your bathroom come together in the perfect way.

Drexler pushes the limits of creativity and seeks ultimate beauty in everything we do, and that includes the production of items such as the aluminum framed shower doors and enclosures.

Our experience of almost 60 years in the industry combined with our knowledge and pursuit of excellence means that you can find the best mix of quality and features in everything we do, and that certainly includes the aluminum shower door enclosure – which has the benefits of being easy to clean and rust-free. Our aluminum framed shower doors are a clean, affordable way to add a sharp, new look to your shower or tub. And watertight as well!

Silver framed glass door blocking off the shower from the bathroom.

Constructed in our Atlanta facility to the exact specifications of your shower opening, our aluminum framed shower door enclosures fit perfectly every time. These are not off-the-shelf units from a big box store. We measure your shower space and cut and fabricate accordingly.

Drexler offers a variety of glass choices including different styles of clear, opaque and textured glass. Our simple, clean frames, with no flutes or ridges, are easy to clean and maintenance free.

  • Just a few of our finishes include:
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

And at Drexler, we use only the finest grade materials. Aluminum is naturally rust-free, but we use corrosion-free anodized aluminum, which further prevents wear. Because we take pride in the quality of our products, we also utilize stainless steel screws and marine glazing in order to prevent corrosion. Everything Drexler produces is built to last. Schedule a private showroom appointment and put your hands on our products today.