Grid Pattern Shower Doors and Enclosures

Wall to wall glass shower with black accent panels resembling a window.
Wall to wall glass shower with black accent panels resembling a window.

Stunning designs with bold lines

Perhaps you’ve seen it in a magazine or online – or even a friend’s house? Whether you are trying to create a cool urban vibe or make a statement of industrial simplicity, a Drexler Grid-Pattern shower enclosure can help you make a bold, unique statement. We are at the forefront of the “Grid-Pattern” design movement. Our professionals have created some stunning, award winning designs. We love to experiment with grid thickness and layout to create just the right look and feel for your space. Let us make it happen!

Mirrors over a double sink. The mirrors have a curved edge with black accents.

A black or colored grid shower enclosure system makes a bold architectural statement, especially when juxtaposed against the clean white palettes seen in many new bathroom designs. The effect is a stunning “factory window” loft aesthetic.

Drexler offers several variations on this unique shower enclosure design.

Our “simulated divided lite” true metal frame systems feature a heavier three-dimensional look and feel, harkening back to hand forged steel windows. We also utilize printing and fusing technologies to bond painted grids directly to the surface of frameless glass, giving us the ability to create slim lines and unique designs. Our customers love this look!

Visit our showroom to see Grid-Pattern samples and full-sized displays. We would love to help you with the layout of your shower or bathroom! Remember, Drexler is the only glass company that understands the perfect fit for your project!