Commercial Glass for Restaurant Applications

Set the perfect tone, with an eye for safety

The right glass, installed in the right manner, makes a huge difference in the restaurant experience. For decades, Drexler Glass has provided some of Atlanta’s favorite eateries with restaurant glass systems and features that enhance the ambiance of the space while also taking into account their food and staff safety needs. When your reputation is on the line, you can rest assured we will work with you to design a finished product that exceeds your expectations and makes you proud.

Sneeze guard at a buffet style restaurant.

Preserve purity, protect people

Drexler frameless sneeze guards are a beautiful and stylish way to safeguard your customers, your staff, and your food. With a more solid look and feel than the “off-the-shelf” systems found online, Drexler sneeze guards are sure to become a feature of your space and not just a necessary encumbrance. Made with either 3/8″ or 1/2″ Starphire low-iron glass, these systems are virtually invisible, with no posts and no distractions. We know what you want – To provide a clear, unobstructed view of the foods and products you wish to display.

Send us a sketch of your design today. We can keep it simple or help you think outside the box. At Drexler, our experts love to help and will accommodate the simplest or even the most unique design requests.

And if you are choosing between acrylic or glass, it is important to know that acrylic “clouds” quickly and may not hold up to repeated use of cleaning products required for proper surface sanitation. Glass, meanwhile, can be easily disinfected and requires very little maintenance or servicing making it the perfect option for your restaurant’s needs.

Make an immediate impression

We are here to help you help create a clean, unforgettable first impression for your business. Our frameless, textured or colored restaurant glass is both functional and beautiful and will help you create the perfect look for the atmosphere you seek. Whether mirrors, bars, tabletops, cabinets, shelves, railings, floors, entranceways or protective encasings, our team will customize all of these features to ensure the perfect fit. Our experience across a wide range of restaurants – from fine dining, to coffee shops, buffets, cafeterias and everything in between – allows us to provide for any of your needs.

Glass sneeze guard at a restaurant

We work with owners, architects and contractors to manufacture the exact shape, color and style of glass you seek. And we do so right here in our Atlanta shop, allowing us to make the process simple for you to get exactly what you are looking for while staying within your budget and timeline.

Contact us today

Let us help you design, fabricate, and install custom glass that perfectly suits your setting. Whether you are opening a new restaurant in the Atlanta area or remodeling an existing location, tell us what you are imagining, and we will help you make it a reality!