Glass Wine Rooms & Cellars for Commercial Spaces

Glass window and door enclosing a wine cellar

Crafted storage statement

Wine connoisseurs are serious about their passion, and that often extends to the method in which they store their collections. Whether it is for personal, restaurant or commercial purposes, proper curation is incredibly important to wine valuation. At Drexler, we design all-glass wine cellars that provide ultimate protection for wine enthusiasts and sommeliers – as well as a place for them to display their collections.


We have crafted countless custom glass wine cellars for clients throughout the Atlanta area and are always ready to help put the finishing touches on you or your client’s vision for an extensive wine collection.

Chill behind the craft

Proper wine storage is all about the correct temperature, ease of use and, of course, display value. That is why we utilize only the best materials in producing the ultimate environment for wine. Whether it is creating a full glass enclosed wine cellar or adding wine room glass doors to an already standing construction, Drexler gives it a sleek, modern look by utilizing ultra-clear 1/2-inch Starfire tempered glass.


Concealed hinges and locks provide a stunning visual display, doing away with the need for large metal joints and frames and keeping the focus on the wine. And our glass and low-profile gaskets ensure the proper wine storage conditions, keeping the temperature around 55 degrees Farenheit and the humidity low. Our distinctive pull and lock sets complete the look thanks to a variety of available finishes, including polished and brushed stainless, nickel, and dark bronze. A Drexler glass wine cellar design is also secured with the latest technology and can even be tethered to selected smart devices.

All of our wine glass room creations are produced locally in our Atlanta facility and then installed by us directly. And we are always available for you to discuss or shape your or your client’s vision. Please contact us today to schedule your on-site consultation or request a free quote.