Fun Facts

The largest piece of curved glass in the world is installed in the Apple headquarters.

“…one of the coolest innovations of the new headquarters is its curved glass. More than 3,000 sheets of it will wrap around the entire building. All the panes were shipped from Southern Germany, where the manufacturer, Sedak, is located.” (Business Insider)

Apple's large curved glassCourtesy of CBS

Glass is Not a Solid

Despite what you may think, glass is not classified as a solid… or a liquid or a gas. When cooled, glass forms an “amorphous solid” that allows molecules within the glass to continue moving around. (Techni-Glass)

Glass samples

Adding Minerals to Glass Changes its Color

Combining other minerals with the sand, lime, and soda ash can result in different colored glass. For example, adding nickel oxide to the mix produces violet glass. (Techni-Glass)

Glass Can Be Formed by Lightening

Because of the high temperatures, glass can naturally form when sand is struck by lightening. (Techni-Glass)

Glass Windows Were Invented in the 17th Century

Before that, people made windows out of flattened animal horn. (Techni-Glass)

Restored glass in a residential home.