Drexler FAQ

Who installs barn doors for showers?

Drexler trains in-house master installers with years of experience to ensure the process and end result to perfection.

Where can I see choices for shower doors?

Start in the Drexler showroom; All varieties on location or online. Everything in showroom is also on website.

Where can I find the latest shower door designs?

Drexler stays on the cutting edge of product designs and tests functionality and hardware for all of the latest showers.

Can Drexler help with shower door hardware?

Drexler goes to design/glass builds to see and vet the latest and greatest in glass hardware. Drexler has one-of-a-kind hardware for shower doors offering premium choices over other glass retailers.

Does Drexler offer options for restaurant Sneeze Guards?

Drexler offers a variety of frameless options and can customize to suite your needs. Drexler’s sneeze guard installation has clamps to secure very clear, true white glass with no color added to ensure true color.

Does Drexler sell Antique Mirrors?

Drexler has many options from hand-made to factory-made antique mirrors. Custom mirrors are a truly nice accent for your home because they truly look like antique, whereas factory-made mirrors offer a variety of designs and allow color; For example, gold & purple shades which are only achievable via factory design/build. Also, if you need large quantities, factory-made mirrors are a great solution.

Who is the best Glass Company in Atlanta?

Drexler is tops in customer service and care. Drexler does not require upfront money…they know they will do the job right and bill only upon completion of job with 100% customer satisfaction. Drexler also has great response/turnaround time scheduling around your schedule. They can typically measure in 24 hours and get a quotes back to you in 1 business day.

What is low-iron glass?

Crystal clear glass; standard clear glass contains iron which has a hint of green; looks perfect with white marble or tile so crystal clear.

What is the best glass protection for shower doors?

ShowerGuard is the ONLY true glass protection with lifetime warranty against corrosion or discoloration of glass; No re-application necessary. Most products like Rainex or similar do not have a warranty & products need to be applied frequently to work properly.

Need convenience?

Drexler is the ONLY glass & shower door company in town!