Do Frameless Shower Doors Leak?

Frameless shower glass with a wide array selection of gold knobs and pull handle and hardware.

Whether you are updating an existing bathroom or creating a new shower space, a frameless shower enclosure offers the ultimate in style and appeal – in fact, many designers and decorators feel it is an absolute must for any bathroom renovation.

But what about function? Does a frameless shower door – as good as it may look – offer the same water protection as old-fashioned framed doors? In other words, do frameless shower doors keep the water in?

And the answer is: YES! With proper design and planning a frameless shower door will keep water where it’s supposed to be – inside your shower. 

However, it is important that you or your contractor understand exactly how to design and build your new shower, or repair your old one, so that leaks are prevented. Remember, Benjamin Franklin once said that “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” And this is especially true in construction projects. The good news is that by following a few easy steps both in designing and installing your shower, you will guarantee leak-free shower doors while enjoying years of maintenance-free use. 

So, how do you achieve this outcome? At Drexler we’ve got you covered with our tried-and-true “checklist” that ensures best design and construction practices for showers. And while it is not something that is a secret or unknown in the industry, our unique approach to detail and craftsmanship means that we have refined the process to help you have a successful outcome.

Our step-by-step process covers all aspects of shower construction, including:

  • Where to install the shower head:
    • This helps minimize any leaking or extra water spilling out onto your bathroom floor.
  • Designing the enclosure around a standard size door:
    • If you design from the beginning for a standard size, you will have more flexibility with your choice of shower doors.
  • Using 90-degree angles for door hinges:
    • Shower doors, like all other doors, must be installed at a 90 Degree angle in order for the door to open freely.
  • Installing shower transoms:
    • There are several sizes of frameless shower doors that require transoms, and we will ensure the perfect fit and function.
  • Installing shower soffits:
    • Sometimes, soffits can be installed instead of a transom
  • Installing wood studs:
    • The wall on which you would like to mount a hinged shower door should have wood studs or “blocking” behind it. There are ways to address this if it is not the case in your home, and we can best help you determine how.
  • How to properly install shower seats:
    • Seats and curbs inside the shower should not be flat and require a slight pitch to drain properly.
  • How to build shower curbs:
    • A shower curb must be designed and pitched properly to keep water inside the shower. A level curb does not shed water properly and will eventually lead to a standing water and mildew.
  • Designing neo-angle showers:
    • These types of showers require 135-degree angles.
  • Using the right size glass panels:
  • Avoiding raised features near the shower opening:
    • A shower with raised tile near the glass door may result in a damaged door. It could also hinder proper door use.
  • Using glass tiles:
    • Because glass tiles are fragile, we use the best tools and take every precaution to avoid unnecessary drilling during the installation process.
  • Building flush openings:
    • Overhangs near door closings create gaps, resulting in unsightly fillers or the need to cut a notch in your granite, marble, or other surface.

We are happy to help you follow these steps to obtain the right look and function for your new shower. Conversely, we also know how to help if you’ve had a shower or shower door installed that does not live up to standards. If your current frameless shower door is leaking or has design flaws, we have an arsenal of gaskets and thresholds that can help solve your problem.. 

So, if you are thinking of installing a frameless shower door or have one that needs correction, please stop by our showroom today to see what Drexler can do for you. We’ve made it our business to provide perfect shower and glass solutions since we opened our doors in 1953, and we maintain that commitment to every customer today.