Types of Frameless Glass

Upright shower with silver hardware and frameless glass.

Elegance in a multitude of styles

Frameless shower glass can subtly complement your bathroom space or help make a bold, unique statement. “Ultra-clear” glass virtually disappears to create a clean, open aesthetic. For privacy, you may decide on decorative glass with featured textures, patterns, or colors. We can also help keep your shower clean with lifetime coatings that repel stains and corrosion. And, of course, all Drexler glass is safety tempered and shatter resistant. We would love to walk you through all of our glass choices and their attributes at our Midtown Atlanta showroom. Schedule a visit today!

Some of our more popular decorative glass options include:

Low-Iron Glass

Crystal clear low-iron glass is the perfect choice for many frameless glass shower constructs. This premium glass is unique because of the virtual absence of the “green tint” – which can be seen in standard heavy bathroom glass. Low-iron glass is commonly chosen in settings where white tile or marble has been utilized and the desire is for the shower enclosure to “disappear” in order to achieve a purity of aesthetic and the cleanest lines. Any of these types of frameless glass will suit your home dreams.

ShowerGuard Glass

Hard water, soap-scum and minerals are rough on shower and bath glass. The constant presence of these elements will quickly cause the glass to age and “cloud” as they actually penetrate the surface. To guard against this wear-and-tear, we recommend ShowerGuard glass, which provides a permanent seal against stains and corrosion and comes with a lifetime warranty. Unlike most glass protection, which wears off periodically and has to be reapplied, ShowerGuard is the only seal that is permanent. The protective coating is fused to the surface of the glass during manufacturing, when the glass is in a molten state, to become one with the surface of the glass. When ShowerGuard glass is not chosen, we suggest that you rinse and squeegee your glass panels on a regular basis.

Regular Clear Glass vs. Low-Iron Glass

Regular Clear Glass and Low-Iron Glass Samples

Satin Etch Glass

Low-Iron Satin Etch

Aqua colored jar behind Low-Iron Satin Etch glass

Our helpful staff is ready to help you meet your design dreams and budget. From selecting the type of glass to picking the perfect hardware and keeping your glass clean, we are here to guide you through all our offerings so your finished space is exactly what you are looking for.

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