What’s Trending in Glass Today?

Large seamless shower with nickel hardware and a traditional swinging door.

At Drexler, we love following existing glass trends as well as forging our own. Over the course of our company history, we have carefully monitored the industry to ensure we remain at the forefront of design and technology. In fact, in 1984 we were among the first U.S. companies to build on and perfect the frameless shower door, originally conceptualized in Europe. Today, we continue this innovation to keep our clients and our showroom current with the latest fashions in glass and design. So in 2022, what is trending in glass today?


2022 Glass Trends

Many advancements in technology have allowed glass to take a more strategic role in project design and composition. Accordingly, we are seeing trends today that range in scope from grand design to minute details.

Glass goes big – With added structural strength, larger glass panels are being incorporated into projects seeking grander views and more openness in workspaces. Because the transparency of glass allows for a greater feeling of “togetherness,” architects and designers are using glass to create more connected offices, even when including dividing walls in their plans. Additionally, when considering the beauty of external environments and nature, bigger glass panels allow designers to bring more of the outdoors into their settings.

Ornamental appearance – With innovations in glass technology, more options for decorative elements are available than ever before. We can incorporate patterns, colors, and textures – even logos – into your finished glass projects. If you want to add scrolled ivy leaves to enhance the view of a natural external feature, or if you wish to promote your line of products on your storefront windows, we can easily integrate any image or concept into your plans.

Bending glass – Many architects are trending away from traditional “boxy” blueprints and embracing the shapes and curves that modern glass technology allows. We’ve seen these shaping elements in other areas of design (think curved retaining walls and patios popular in external spaces), and glass can now support these components of modern design.

Glass as a structural element – As noted above, glass today is made stronger than in the past, allowing it to serve greater functions. Subsequently, glass is incorporated as floors, ceilings, walls, and stairways to enhance the open feel desired in the latest architectural trends.  Outside these structural elements, glass’s strength also serves functional purposes such as railings and pool fences to provide increased visibility and clarity. Glass shelving provides an elegant look and allows for greater light penetration.

Low-iron glass – Though we tend to think of glass as a clear substance, glass has varying levels of transparency. Light transmittance is the measurement of light that penetrates each pane of glass. A standard quarter-inch thick pane of “clear” glass has a visible light transmittance of 83 percent. A comparable low-iron glass pane registers a transmittance rate of 91 percent. Using knowledge of light transmittance can help capture some of the nuances available in glass performance. For example, because of these different behaviors in clear and low-iron glass, we generally recommend clear glass for use with dark colors, while low-iron glass is a better match for lighter colors.

Curbless showers – Cleaner lines and enhanced safety define this movement. By replacing a traditional shower threshold with a linear shower drain, we can eliminate the trip hazard created by a threshold. As more homeowners renovate with long-term plans in mind, this feature can help ensure your home provides a safe environment as you age and as buyers consider your home in the future.

Each of these trends will play a role in various plans, but not all will be fitting for your upcoming project. We can help identify and evaluate which trends will benefit your vision, and which are less practical for your needs. Since 1953, we have shared our knowledge and intuition to help clients make the most of glass in their renovations and new construction. We look forward to sharing our industry-leading insight with you to help your project meet its desired effect.


Why rely on Drexler?

Whether you are renovating your home or planning a multi-room resort, you can rely on our experience and our industry-leading knowledge to help you create a lasting design for your project. We’ll connect you with a skilled project leader to gather your vision for your glass needs. Then, you will work together to hone your plans. If we have any insight that can benefit your design, we’ll be happy to share our collective insight for consideration. Ultimately, the choice is yours, and we’ll execute your project to your complete satisfaction.

Our goal is to create your space with beauty and lasting functionality. We want your visitors and guests to take notice of the artistry of your new space, and our glass products will enhance every aspect of the project’s composition.


What should I consider when designing my glass project?

We offer the following short checklist as guidance when considering your next glass project. These concepts will ensure your project is both bold and functional:

  • Be sure your project harmonizes with the setting (modern or traditional)
  • Use glass to bring in light and create the perception of space
  • Employ the correct hardware for your application
  • Make a statement with quality craftsmanship and good design

As we can help with your design, let us know. Our consultants are ready and excited to help you achieve your goals.


Trust Drexler with your next glass project

Whether your design is complete, or if you are seeking help to capture your vision on paper, our accomplished team of professionals stands ready to help. Our goal is to help you design and complete the environment you desire with a mind for beauty, functionality, and longevity.

Contact us today and grow a step closer to achieving your goal and a finished product you will enjoy for years to come.