A glass shower screen can completely rehab the look of your guest bath

There’s nothing like the holidays for bringing families together and spending time with loved ones.

Often, that means overnight guests for your home. But, if you’re not exactly thrilled with the sight of your guest bathroom, that thought might make you a bit uneasy. The good news is that there are several simple fixes you can make to spruce up your guest bathroom or powder room – in fact some of these make a huge difference.

If you are working with limited space one of the most significant changes you can make is to “open up” your tub or shower space. A good start is to get rid of any shower curtains.

This one alteration can add significant light to a room while creating the very real appearance of additional space. This change also  improves the smell and air flow of the bathroom itself.

But, for obvious reasons, it’s not just as simple as getting rid of the curtain. You must replace it with something that not only accomplishes the job of keeping water inside the tub/shower enclosure, but also looks good and fits the room’s aesthetic. 

That is why Drexler advises clients in this situation to look at a frameless tub or shower “screen.” 


These screens are an attractive alternative to fully enclosing your shower space. The glass simply screens the area closest to the shower head while leaving the other end open. This is a popular design in smaller European bathrooms – where space is often much more at a premium than here in America. What’s more, the screen is a simple, clean design, and it accomplishes the main goal of keeping water from splattering onto the floor while at the same time keeping the room open and flowing.

A guest bathroom shower/tub with a shower screen.

The key is selecting the frameless shower screen that perfectly suits your situation.

Because glass is so versatile, there are countless options available to help accent your bathroom and produce the exact look you want. At Drexler, we have the capability to achieve a range of patterns or shades with unique flourishes for your shower/tub enclosure. Or we can go the opposite direction with crystal clear glass and minimal hardware to let your beautiful tile or stone do the talking. The choice is yours and we’re here to help.

There are also different types of glass that can help produce a unique and unforgettable look. For instance, Drexler offers designs that include low-iron glass, a crystal-clear option that is almost invisible. ShowerGuard glass also offers protection against the glass aging process that takes place when it is constantly bombarded with water and soap residues. Satin etch and low-iron satin etch can also offer the perfect amount of opacity if you want to add some more privacy for your guests but still want to give the room a unique and clean look.

Whatever the look you desire, a helpful and knowledgeable glass expert can help make all the difference in your guest bath or powder room – and make it so that guests are always ready to choose your home as the place to stay for holidays, while making you a happier host.

If you are thinking of installing a frameless shower screen, please stop by our showroom today to see what Drexler can do for you. We’ve made it our business to provide perfect shower and glass solutions since we opened our doors in 1953, and we maintain that commitment to every customer today.