Michael McWilliams

Lead Installer

Michael brings optimism and a “can do” attitude to everything he does at Drexler Glass. He is a true glass expert and craftsman, and he takes the lead on our most complex projects and installations. With a background in hospitality and construction, Michael’s presence on a job always instills confidence and builds trust. He notices the little things, which make all the difference, bringing a keen eye for precision and detail to all his jobs. Many of our long time customers ask for Michael by name. He is a natural leader and uses these skills to enlist other team members to unite behind a goal or to just enjoy a good laugh together! It is not uncommon for other crews to call him for help thinking through an issue they are encountering on a job. He values helping others and takes pride in his ability to tackle anything. If Michael doesn’t have the answer, he will help you find it!

Michael and his wife, Desirae, enjoy hosting family and friends at their home for game nights and meals while building community together.

Dedicated team-player. Rubik’s Cube solver. Budding homesteader & farmer.