Jeremy Spence

Lead Installer

Jeremy’s former experience in hospitality provides him with many of the valuable skills he uses on a daily basis as a lead installer at Drexler Glass. As a hotel concierge, trained in customer service, he knows how to treat people with the kindness and respect they deserve and make them feel heard and understood. This gives Jeremy a particular advantage on job sites where multiple personalities, trades, and deadlines come together. Our customers and contractors consistently comment that Jeremy takes the time to answer their questions thoroughly and keep them “in the loop” throughout the entire installation process. Jeremy especially enjoys working on larger projects with multiple Drexler crews involved, where clear communication and cooperation are essential.

Jeremy’s service minded approach, combined with a knack for tools and building, helped him advance quickly to Lead Installer. His favorite installations are one-of-a-kind antique mirror wet bars with the accompanying floating shelves. He is also our resident insulated glass expert, working on both our small residential projects and our large high-rise installations.

On the weekends Jeremy can usually be found smoking a brisket with friends and experimenting with sauces.

Avid reader. Chef. Car camper.