Ethan Rardon

Foreman & Installer

Ethan brings a background in welding and metal fabrication to Drexler Glass. He has extensive knowledge and experience with tools and construction. Ethan leads on many projects but also enjoys assisting on jobs where heavy lifting and coordination are required. In his spare time, Ethan trains as a competitive power-lifter and strongman, and he brings that level of discipline and professionalism to work. He enjoys the customer service aspect of his job, especially service calls where he is able to make someone’s day by repairing something that they thought needed replacing. Ethan’s friendly demeanor and gift for supporting others and letting them take the credit make Ethan a crew favorite and a valued team member.

Ethan enjoys spending time with his wife, Kayla, and being woken up by his two small children in the middle of the night.

Fisherman. Family. Forearms. Football season.