David Drexler

Owner / President

David is our visionary and encourager. He is our dedicated leader and team builder with passion for helping others grow personally and professionally. With a BS in Finance from Clemson University, an MBA from Georgia State University, combined with 30+ years of experience in construction and design, he is our fearless innovator who loves pushing the boundaries with glass.

David espouses the principle of “continuous improvement” for himself, our team, and our business. What small improvements can we make today that will yield big results in the future? He enjoys equipping and enabling our team members to take on responsibility, solve problems, and contribute to the ongoing conversations around building and shaping the strong core values and principles that make us who we are. David likes to remind us that character and integrity are keys to our success and that we are really a service business at heart. He knows how stressful the process of building out a living space can be, and understands that providing “peace of mind” to each customer from start to finish can make all the difference.

Building people. Keeping it playful. Always available for lunch.