Brianna Espino

Office & Showroom Manager

Brianna is our organizer and planner. She is our jack of all trades who makes sure that everyone on the Drexler team has the tools, information, and materials they need to get the job done right. With a background in sales in the coffee industry, Brianna brings a hospitable friendliness to each client’s showroom experience. She is a patient listener who enjoys helping each client feel understood and comfortable with the process.

Brianna is customer focused and enjoys the “story” element in each project. Her favorite jobs are complete whole house renovations for families, where clients bring their children into the showroom and have them take part of the decisions. As a foodie, she also enjoys helping hospitality clients find the right fit for their restaurant projects. Brianna loves to see a commercial space come to life with people enjoying people!

Running through the city. Coffee shop dates with her fiance. Time with nephew and nieces.