How Glass can Improve your Mood

There is much research in place about how interior design and architecture affects human psychology.
Interior-wise- clutter, low-contrast, and a lack of natural light will negatively affect your mood- making you feel more anxious and lowering your threshold for handling stressors. While, high-contrast, well-lit, and spacious rooms with open designs will make the occupants more at ease and comfortable.

Open Vs. Closed

One of the key concerns with open designs though, is the lack of privacy. Luckily, glass can help not only by adding a natural sound barrier, but when in frosted variants- an unobtrusive visual one as well. Drexler specializes in creating custom glass pieces for your needs and are available to help if you’re considering installing glass in the future. Here are a few key ways that installing glass into an interior space can improve the well-being of those within.


Open, but Private

Like mentioned previously, glass walls and corridors are an excellent way of providing some structure, clear path, and privacy, while still keeping the overall “vibe” inviting and positive.


Glass can be unique

Interesting and eye-catching elements are cited as one of the things that has a positive effect on the psyche of humans. As an interior designer, it’s important to consider adding in these elements. Glass is a great candidate material for this. If taken care of, it’s durable, attractive, and good value when considered with your other options.


Lighting is Key

Let’s face it… everyone loves windows. If you aren’t that person, you know someone who will literally fight for the window seat on a plane. In the case of interior design, windows bring in vital natural light. Sunlight is pivotal in the chain of vitamin D production which in turn plays a part in our moods.



When you’re taking on an architectural or design project you’ll likely be looking for vendors for all of your materials. When you do, you should definitely consider Drexler- We have world class customer service, and can assist you from conception to installation. Feel free to browse our other works, and get a quote for your custom glass needs today!