Lime green backsplash above the stove area in a kitchen

How Colored Glass Can Make The Holidays

The holiday season is the time to get merry and brilliant. From colorful and bright lights, to wreaths and trees, homes and businesses go all out to have fun this festive season. Businesses will even have installations to make the time more memorable and Instagram-worthy for their guests.

When someone says colored glass, you may think about stained glass. Stained glass is amazing and might do wonders to your home or establishments interiors. But for seasonal decorations, you will need something that you could effortlessly exchange after the holidays. There are many different ways you can use colored glass, apart from on your doors and home windows.

Table Tops, Coffee Tables, and Dining Tables

Ditch the cheesy holiday themed desk cloths and opt for the extra state-of-the-art and functional colored and ornamental glass table tops. What’s more, you no longer have to switch them out when a drink spills on them. Glass table tops guard your tables and make them look classic and stylish.

Glass Lamps and Lights

Glass lamps made of colored glass give drama and size to your private home. Light fixtures made of colored glass will do the same.

Glass Vases, Jars, and Bowls

You can use glass to make unforgettable holiday centerpieces such as vases, jars, and bowls. The opportunities are infinite. You can fill colorful bowls with Christmas balls and ornaments, or pine cones. Or put candles or greenery in colored mason jars, and line them up on your desk.

Decorative Glass Shelves and Displays

Show no fear with your festive holiday decorations in your living room. Give your kitchen, study room, and bathroom colored glass shelves, and backdrops. Just as beautiful are they useful, they’re a incredible way to add color and design into any area.