Wall to wall glass shower with black accent panels resembling a window.

Grid Patterned Shower Doors

Are you looking for a way to update your bathroom to another level? Grid Patterned Shower Doors are a nice twist to the traditional bathroom. It serves as a statement piece for your bathroom where the monochromatic style combined with modern and classic style elements. It’s super functional and creates a divided yet inclusive look that is the best of both worlds.

Grid Patterned Shower Doors are all the rage these days. They are a small change that can make a huge difference in your bathroom. Rip out the old chrome shower doors and replace them with sleek, black grid patterned doors that will take your bathroom to the next level. Whether it is a traditional, industrial, or farmhouse design concept, this grid patterned shower door can add an alluring flair to your home.

Grid Patterned Shower Doors have a metal framework that surrounds the shower glass with individual panes that give it a window factory industrial feel, yet very pleasing to the eye that is capable of blending with most design types. This trend is such a unique design that can stand out as the statement piece of any bathroom. With the elegance of a glass shower and the style and originality of a custom grid, you can make your bathroom the envy of all your friends.

If you are interested in a Grid Patterned Shower Door for your home, visit our showroom today! We offer Grid-Pattern samples and full-sized displays. We would love to help you with the layout of your shower or bathroom! Remember, Drexler is the only glass company that understands the perfect fit for your project! Get a quote today!