Do You Need New Sneeze Guards?

It’s December and it’s colder out, and with the inclement weather brings germs. The stuffy nose, sore throat, cough-up-a-lung type germs. Yuck. If you’re in the business of preparing and selling food, having a sneeze guard is an important part for keeping your business clean and sanitary.


A sneeze guard is a term used to describe the clear glass shield that protects and covers food that is usually displayed in the open (such as a buffet or a deli). In fact, food guards are so important to the cleanliness and operation of a food based business that, in the 1960’s, the FDA established the mandatory presence of food guards in all 50 states.


Now, ask yourself some questions:
Do you own a restaurant that offers food in a buffet style, or a salad bar, or service counter?
If so, are your sneeze guards big enough?
Are they designed so that people can see the food without breathing, coughing and sneezing on it?


The best sneeze guards are welded at the joints providing a seamless frame that reduces the areas where germs can collect. It is also important to use the best materials in the construction of your sneeze guards. Stainless Steel and high quality glass are generally thought of as the best materials for your sneeze guards. Cheap materials like plastic and acrylic are harder to clean. They also have a porous surface that collects germs and bacteria.
Be smart and choose high quality glass for your restaurant. Your customers and your employees will thank you!


P.S. Drexler will even install your new glass for you!