Bathroom Remodeling Is On The Rise

Almost all homeowners want to remodel their home at some point—but most are putting it off. According to, 90 percent say they will remodel or renovate their home, only about two in five homeowners (39 percent) plan to do so within the next 12 months.



The most commonly cited rooms homeowners plan to remodel or renovate are the kitchen (50 percent) and bathroom (45 percent). These rooms are perhaps the ones that most easily and quickly become dated in the house – hardware and appliances break down and need replacing, while finishing’s such as cabinets and counter-tops can fall behind the trends. But other rooms are often remodeled or renovated too – 28 percent of homeowners want to remodel the bedroom and 27 percent want to remodel the living room.



Even though the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house, having a high-quality bathroom shouldn’t be an afterthought. This remodel is one of the most worthwhile home investments you can make! It might not be a low cost project, but adding updates — like a new bathtub, walk-in shower and double sinks — will increase the overall value, quality and comfort of your home. A bathroom remodel can make a huge impact on your homes comfort level, not to mention its resale value. As you research bathroom ideas and browse photos (here’s some great inspiration by Better Home’s & Gardens), make sure to save any bathrooms that catch your eye, then figure out some of the common features that seem to recur throughout. Keep in mind your space limitations, desired materials, and general bathroom remodel costs before. Our advice is to bring in a professional, before you make any purchases and make your dreams for the space a reality.



If you’re looking to give your bathroom an update in 2019 it always helps to see the fixtures and glass up-close and not just select them from a magazine. Our showroom selections include the most current bathroom trends, in shower doors, tub enclosures, mirrors, obscure enclosures, and more. Whether you want to make a simple swap or a total overhaul, we have all the options to help you decide.


Choosing the right glass for your home can improve its appearance and performance, while saving you money for years to come. Whether you need custom glass for doors, windows, stairs railing, kitchen splash backs, mirrors, shower and bath enclosures, Drexlers’ Shower Door & Custom Glass can help you find the right fit for your residential projects.