7 Simple Hacks for Cleaning Glass

Having a lot of glass surfaces in your home is a double-edged sword. Though it is beautiful to invite natural light into your home through windows, create space in your rooms using mirrors, and add style to the master bath with a glass shower door, it can be a serious hassle to keep all of it clean on a regular basis. Here are some simple hacks for cleaning all your glass surfaces.

Clean Top to Bottom

Woman cleaning glass window

Have you ever tried to clean your restroom mirror or glass shower door from the bottom up? If you have, you probably noticed that gravity pulls the remaining cleaning solution through the areas that you’d already cleaned. Save yourself a headache, and clean any glass surface from top to bottom. This will reduce your chances of getting those unsightly streaks on your mirrors and glass shower door.

Clean on Cloudy Days

Picture of a Window With Rain Drops

No one likes to leave the house on rainy days, so why not use that time to do some cleaning? The problem with cleaning glass is the threat of getting those pesky streaks and watermarks after you’ve wiped down the surface. They usually occur when the cleaning solution dries before you get the chance to wipe it. Direct sunlight can be a menace because it dries the solution a lot faster, giving you even less time to wipe down the surface. If you’ve got a lot of natural lighting that flows into your house, try waiting for a cloudy day to tackle your mirrors, windows, and glass doors. 


Hand with Newspaper Cleaning a Window

Everyone has heard that newspapers are a good material for wiping down glass surfaces, but in this day and age, less people have newspapers just lying around the house. If you intend to use newspaper to clean your house, make sure you have a lot of it because it tends to get soggy and breakdown after the first couple wipes. If you get your news through electronic sources or despise the feeling of mushy paper in your hand, checkout the following for better alternatives.

Tee Shirts 

Tee Shirts Hanging in a Closet

Before you donate all your old clothes, make sure to save a couple tee shirts for cleaning rags. Cotton tee shirts are perfect for cleaning mirrors, glass shower doors, and windows because they don’t leave any lint residue behind. They make for better wipes than their paper alternatives because they are reusable and last longer during a cleaning spree. 

Coffee Filters

Picture of Hot Water being Poured into a Coffee Filter

If you make your own coffee, you know that a pack of coffee filters can last you a lifetime. So why not use them to clean your glass surfaces if you get in a bind? Cleaning glass mirrors and glass shower doors with coffee filters is just like cleaning glass surfaces with newspapers; except, you don’t get newspaper print on your hands. Also, because they are meant to get wet, they hold up a lot better during a cleaning session than newspapers.

Dryer Sheets

Picture of someone holding a dryer sheet

After you’ve gotten your fair use out of a dryer sheet, you can keep it around for one more task before it’s discarded. These thin, fabric sheets can be used to buff out any streaks or hard water marks that were left behind after the initial cleaning. Note that dryer sheets should not be used to wipe cleaning solution off a glass surface because they are too thin to absorb all the liquid. 


Picture of a spray bottle spraying on a window

Despite its bitter taste and pungent aroma, vinegar is the ultimate multipurpose cleaner. Mirrors, windows, and glass shower doors are just more surfaces that vinegar can clean. Just mix 1 part hot water and one part vinegar in a bucket or spray bottle, then apply the solution to your glass surfaces. Vinegar’s acidity can easily cut through any hard watermarks or calcium deposits that build up on your glass shower door. 

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