3 Traditional and 3 Non Traditional Glass Doors

Doors and doorways carry a lot of symbolism, and just as much practical use. They are the literal entryways to your home. So it’s no wonder people spend time and attention on their doors. Glass is an excellent addition to any space, and the doors and doorways are no exception. Here are some cool glass doors we think can inspire your next project.


Basic Door with Glass Surroundings

A simple one to start! As we mentioned in our previous article, How Interior Design Can Affect Your Mood, we talked about how transparency and openness can provide a sense of ease and counteract the failings of poor design like increased stress levels and anxiety. THIS, is the door for you if you don’t buy into all of that! You’ll still get some natural light from outside, but this setup screams tradition and security as far as this list goes.



Door with Glass Panels

A step up from the door with glass surroundings, now you’ve got the glass INSIDE the door. More light, more openness, happy living.



Door with ornate glass designs

This is for those that love to announce to the world “we like art”. A literal work of art, transplanted into your door. It’s a bold statement, and accomplishes much in the way of open design.


Large Sliding Glass Doors

This is a favorite amongst contemporary designers and architects. It’s chique, it’s modern, and very open. Those concerned with privacy need not apply (although you could install one way glass and still have your privacy). Very open in design, and will let all that wonderful natural light into your home.



Frosted Sliding Glass Doors

An alternative to the above where privacy is an issue. Perfect for bathrooms and showers. Drexler has a selection of shower doors on display at our showroom should you want to take a closer look.



Glass Garage Doors

Your garage door is a door too! Glass is an excellent option for those who do work out of their garage. Especially if you live in less temperate climates, you can work in your space and get that nice natural sunlight in an environment that’s to your liking.



As you can see, you have plenty of options when it comes to putting glass in your door. Drexler is Atlanta’s leader in creating custom glass, and, should you find yourself in need for your next project- feel free to get a quote¬†or visit our showroom and we’ll be glad to help!