Three Tricks to Stay Organized this School Year!

Back to school is quickly approaching and for some of us, it’s already here. Along with school schedules, packing lunches, science projects, and extracurricular activities, life can get a little hectic. Here are a few tips to keep your home looking both stylish and organized this school year.

Custom Glass Shelving

A simple, yet unique and stylish way of keeping all of your children’s school books tidy, neat, and readily available for whenever and whatever they may need it for. Just because you have children, doesn’t mean your home can’t have swanky glass shelving that matches the décor to hold children’s books. Shelving that is within arm’s reach will help keep your family running like a well-oiled machine. You can accompany this custom glass shelving by organizing a command center complete with a calendar, bulletin board, chalk or dry erase board for to-do lists and a place to catch paperwork or mail.

Custom Entryway

One huge way to stay organized and take control of clutter by creating an entryway that serves as a catch all for everyone and everything before they get too far inside the house. Creating an entryway that is complete with a bench for removing dirty shoes and outdoor gear. Be sure to add plenty of hooks to this entryway for backpacks and jackets and even a bench to catch smaller items or even clothes as children peel off each layer.

Custom Laundry Room

Everyone dreads laundry day when you have multiple children that have to wear uniforms throughout the week. One easy way to manage that this school year is with an organized laundry room. An organized laundry space with dirty laundry baskets labeled into darks, colors, lights and an emergency basket for items that are extra dirty and need immediate attention. Not having to search for dirty uniforms throughout the house can help you save time and stay organized.

If you are looking for custom glass shelving to keep your home organized this school year, we can help! Call us today to schedule a free consultation.