Protect Your Investment this Memorial Day

Memorial’s Day is around the corner. Soon your home will be filled with family and friends to remember and honor those who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. With every holiday, comes family, food, laughter, and an occasional broken glass or two. Here are a few tips on how to protect your glass investment this Memorial Day.

Repurpose Furniture as Serving Stations

The great thing about furniture is the opportunity to be creative with what you use and where you use it. This Memorial Day, instead of worrying about cracking your expensive glass accents, switch them out and repurpose other pieces of furniture in its place. If you have a chic glass table that you normally use to serve guests, switch it out for a more casual wood table or planter. Same purpose, but it offers more stability in case it accidentally gets knocked over.

Wrap up the “good stuff”

Expensive wine glasses and drinking carts are very visually appealing, but expensive. Wrap up the “good stuff” and leave it in a spare bedroom or closet for safe keeping. That way if an accident happens, your expensive china and glass tabletops are safe, protected, and out of the way.

Arrange your furniture for traffic

Another great way to prevent accidents this Memorial Day is to keep your glass table or accents out of harm’s way. Arranging the furniture in a way that flows throughout the home is key. The glass table must not be a barrier so that people can easily bump into it. Arrange it in a way that allows guests to flow freely through your home where people and mistakes can avoid it. 

Get glass protectant

If you don’t want to switch out furniture or hide the “good stuff”, you could always get a glass protector or rubber bumpers for your table to prevent accidents from happening. Rubber bumpers and glass protectors will protect both your table and your guests without changing the look and feel of your home. 

We hope you’ll follow these tips as you celebrate Memorial Day with your family and friends.  Happy Memorial Day!