7 Unusual Custom Glass Coffee Tables

Coffee tables can say a lot about their owner. What does your coffee table say about you? Are you a traditional kind of person with a classic hardwood table? Or do you dabble in minimalism with a simplistic custom glass table? Either way, checkout these seven tables that will make you question what they say about their owners!

Fish Tank Table

As many of you know, Atlanta is home to the Georgia Aquarium that contains 10 Million gallons of marine salt water. Though this coffee table doesn’t hold nearly as much as the Georgia Aquarium, it is a custom glass table that is fitting for any marine-life enthusiast. 

Winter Forest Table

For you minimalists with an artistic flair, here’s custom glass table that you might enjoy. This winter forest coffee table would make a great accenting piece for a white room with a gold motif. Such an elegant coffee table would look stunning in a room with a delicate balance of white and color. 

Geometric Table

This all glass geometric coffee table might actually be sitting in the office of an executive at Deloitte. This custom glass table can easily become the centerpiece of a modern-style office or living room. Buy with caution! This table is not suitable for frat houses or homes with children. Such placement would lead to a shattered table or worse… FINGERPRINTS! By the way, checkout our blog that’ll teach you 5 Hacks to Cleaning Glass Surfaces.

Lakeside Rock Table

Fall is on its way, and the best thing about it is the perfect weather for enjoying the lakeside. A serious fan of nature or an Airbnb host would be a suitable owner for this glass table.This might not look the best on carpet, but it definitely shouldn’t be placed on wood flooring. The person who wields this stone has their work cut out for them. They’ve got to figure out how to situate it in a way that doesn’t throw off their Feng Shui.

Sapphire Abyss Table

Imagine yourself standing on one of the sand shelves beautifully displayed in this sapphire abyss. This custom glass table might not belong in a living room, but maybe in the lounge area of a cement patio. Put this coffee table anywhere, and it will become the center of attention. 

Rustic River Table

This rustic coffee table is a perfect way to accent a neutral room with a touch of color. The pairing of hardwood and glass provides a balance of rugged and gentle tones. Could this be a table for a traveler or nature-lover? Or maybe it could be a table for a boutique owner.

Cat Paradise Table

If you get one of these tables, you might just find that your cat doesn’t appreciate you ruining their paradise with coffee table clutter! This custom glass table isn’t for the cats. It’s for the cat owners. Consider it a trick to encourage keeping up a tidy living room. 

Like what you saw? Or would you want to stick to a custom glass table top that isn’t so flashy. Get a quote OR visit our Atlanta showroom today! Remember, Drexler is the only glass company that understands the perfect fit for your project!